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If you don’t know about the latest craze of co-branded collaborations, welcome to Danielle Nicole Disney. Yes, Danielle Nicole handbags partnered with Disney brings to life our character favorites! From Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, Cinderella, Lucifer and Gus Gus to Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, Danielle Nicole, inspired by the Disney Princesses and their fairytale stories, refashioned our childhood favorites into fun handbags and crossbody bags of our little girl dreams. SEE ALL THE STARS IN MY EYES AND THE CARTOON BIRDIES CIRCLING MY HEAD! And to take it from whimsical to playful, beyond Disneyland, Danielle Nicole purses, wristlets, funky coin bags and keychains now include a collaboration with Nickelodeon’s Rugrats! Currently a limited edition collection, the Danielle Nicole collaboration with Nickelodeon includes an Angelica crossbody bag and our personal favorite a REPTAR BAR coin bag. I’m sure it’s just the beginning with other branded collaborations to come, but for now, Danielle Nicole has taken us back in time for that 90s fashion trend featuring cool and eclectic textures and glitter or the nostalgia of our love of all things Disney. I mean, give me all the bags already!

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