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QUAY AUSTRALIA SUNGLASSES | The Best Sunglasses for Summer

Loved by festival goers, bloggers, fashionistas and celebrities, Quay Australia offers a stylish yet fearless, affordable accessory to frame your face. See what we did there? Quay Australia Sunglasses are an LA STYLE RUSH brand favorite with Quay Icon collaborations to Quay Australia Desi (yes, Desi Perkins), #quayxjasmine and lately xkylie - social media superstar Kylie Jenner, Kylie, #quayxkylie. It’s ridiculous the amount of influencer relations this brand gets, but when you look at Quay Australia High Key, you see that classic, notoriously cool aviator lens that when worn, makes anyone feel just a hair more badass. Or a pair of mirrored reflective lenses of varying color variations that with its combinations, add a little unique personalization to your look. And best, by simply owning a pair of Quay Australia Sunnies, you are auto invited into the largest squad ever - #quaysquad. That’s a party we can get behind.