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Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

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Tired of asking people to take pictures for you? We have the perfect solution for you! This handy Bluetooth Selfie Stick is lightweight, easy to carry, and works with all Bluetooth enabled cameras and smartphones. Made with aluminum alloy plastic materials, non-slip soft foam handles, and built-in Bluetooth and picture snap button. Capture every pictures at the perfect angle!

* Selfie Stick
* Extends to 3.5 feet
* Retracts to 8.7" inches
* Weight: 4oz
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Android
* Built-in Bluetooth with snap button
* Strong clasp that holds smartphones up to iPhone 6 Plus
* Built-in rechargeable battery 45mah
* Charging Voltage 5v
* Transmit Frequency 2.4ghz 2.4835 ghz