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Loungefly Disney Mini Backpacks, Loungefly Pokemon, Loungefly Hello Kitty, OH MY!

Licensed to collaborate with some of the biggest brands in kawaii pop culture, The Little Mermaid, The Aristocats Marie, Loungefly Marvel to other cult favorites such as Loungefly My Little Pony, Hello Sanrio (THE CUTEST!!) and Paul Frank. The Loungefly brand has become one of the most sought after contemporary accessory brands and we DIE FOR ALL THE BAGS!! Who doesn’t want a Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack or a BB8 bag or any Disney related character in the form of a funky crossbody bag? Loungefly creates some of the most eclectic and unique accessories known specifically as Loungefly purses, Loungefly wallets, but let’s not forget what they were originally known for, their skull print totes and wallets. Whether a wristlet, Loungefly mini backpack or other, we love that you identify with one of these many rad characters and choose to live a little on the loud side toting a loungefly handbag. #spiritanimal

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