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LASR Halloween

LASR Halloween

It’s low key super hard to get those perfect Halloween rave costumes! We want affordable Halloween costumes that we can wear more than just on Hallows Eve, so we’re always on the hunt! Even though what you get is a Halloween costume, why can’t cute rave apparel be used as Halloween rave wear as well! The fact that there are halloween themed music festivals, like Escape Halloween, we want you to have cute rave outfit ideas for Escape Halloween and the like, so we really made sure to get the cutest #ootd of kawaii clothing, sexy costumes, fandom fashion just in time to make that Halloween EDM festival outfit lit af. Pop into the LA STYLE RUSH Halloween shop to see halloween styles for the wicked, the innocent, the deadly bbs and the kawaii cosplayers. No tricks. Promise! Cross our X and hope everyone will die.. Of style envy..

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