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Glittering in a party of natural stones blended with Czech crystals, leather, gems, and gold, Erimish Bracelets are stunning, gorgeous and go with EVERYTHING you can dream up. Collect several styles and individualize the stack as if you owned your own Erimish bracelet bar. Wear them one strand deep or 20 strands deep. Owning Erimish means you can choose your own adventure when you creatively blend all the pieces to make one awesome stack of accessorizing bracelets that compliment your personal style. Of course with LA Style Rush, they come in sets, like the Erimish Athena Cuff Bracelet Stack or the Erimish Brooklyn Bracelet Stack - but the goal is to create for yourself and stack your style however you see fit. Some days it’s an Erimish Bracelet single kind of day, other rave days - you go full tilt kandi on extreme plur vibes and stack full sleeve for festival season. On game day, game stack your team colors together and create the ultimate fan style. The jewels, gems, gold-plated or glass beaded bracelets look dazzling and expensive for that girl’s night out and the color beaded stacks with fun words are edgy, cool, and individualized for all you kandi kids. Erimish bracelets are quickly becoming the go-to accessory to up your arm game for any season and honestly, we don’t want to be without.

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