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Dressing up as your favorite anime character, tv series star, x-men, or marvel hero character has it’s pros, so be a pro and collect cosplay shoes like you would Mario power-ups or water- type Pokemon. From YRU Qozmo platform boots, legendary cosplay platform sneakers dressed with buckles, jewels, and studs your character takes a stand, literally, and goes feet first in cosplay action. With so much thought already put into your costume play look, getting the perfect hair to play Gwen from Spiderverse, or 10+ hours in makeup to be X-Men’s Mystique or building matching spiked cosplay accessories for your Chun Li cosplay look, you just need your cosplay shoes to be easy. Can’t collect ‘em all? Cute cosplay shoes should do double duty! So whether cosplaying call of duty, world of warcraft cosplay, My Hero Academia cosplay or favorite Disney princess cosplay, your Demonia black platform boots, Cape Robbin ultrasonic holographic sneakers, Demonia white forbidden deviance platform boots, Irregular Choice Oz Kitty high heels or that Demonia black make me beg platform heel (which is pretty much perfect for any Japanime style cosplay look - Hi Sailor Moon black cosplay shoes), should do the job is completing that perfect cosplay outfit.