Lone Wolf | A Light in the Cosmos

Lone Wolf | A Light in the Cosmos

Lone Wolf | A Light in the Cosmos

Coming down from the high of the holiday parties and finding ourselves perhaps a little lost, we channel the gray wolf, settling into our reborn selves for the new year. Of super moons and the hunt for our pack, we howl for we were not meant to be alone. Though in seasons we engage in solitary travel, we constantly seek other stars for kinship and breath in the light of the cosmos. Here are a few ways to shine bright and be found:

  1. Sheep in wolves clothing. Be kind on the inside but wrap yourselves in caution. We love the sheer design of our J.Valentine bodysuits. They give just enough coverage but still leave you vulnerable.
  2. Adorn. Love yourself and accessorize! Gorgeous yet affordable jewelry by Erimish Bracelets, Frasier Sterling, Rastaclat and Hipanema are sure to reflect light leaving love on your arm.
  3. Catch their eye. The mystery of your soul can be revealed through your eyes. So shade them with the best pair of sunglasses from Quay Australia, Toms Sunglasses or our ultra cool yet affordable sunglasses by 7Luxe.
  4. Travel light. Who knows where the road will lead but be bold and go. Have the perfect bag or backpack to carry your dreams in. Unique as your spirit, Sprayground makes one-of-a-kind, durable bags that are recognizable, the JuJuBe collaborations are out of this world, wear your heart on your back with your favorite prints from Loungefly X Disney, TokiDoki, Betsey Johnson and Danielle Nicole.

Shine on my friends and wishes for a beautiful journey in this Happy New Year.

Photography: Mitchell Croghan
Makeup: Sarah Nelson
Model: Skylar Roberge
Stylist: Renee Mytar
Art Direction: Band of Outlaws


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