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Black Dark Matter Bracelet Clat in Black Magenta



Just in time for EDC, this reflective rastaclat braided bracelet Dark Matter Clat in Black Magenta is solid black in the dark, but throw some light on it and your kandi will dance as hard as you under the EDC lights. You don't need glow sticks when you have this reflective rave bracelet. In the day, a black braided Rastaclat with an edgy magenta hardware, this Rastaclat is a perfect rave music festival bracelet seeks the positive in any edm scene.

* Rastaclat Festival Rave Sport Bracelets
* Special Dark Matter Collection
* 100% Polyester construction
* One Size Fits Most - 6"-7.5" wrist circumference
* Rubberized hardware and contrast emblems
* Black magenta shoelace design