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Vamp Bat Nipple Pasties in Liquid Black



Cover up or bare it all when you wear the a pair of super cute Vamp Bat Pasties Covers by Pastease. These can be worn as or with any festival tops, and are made with latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that are sure to stay in place until you take them off. Just peel off the backing, apply to clean & dry skin and get ready to dance your tits off, but not your pasties!


* Vamp Bat Nipple Pasties Festival Tops
* Soft form-fitting material made in USA
* Latex-free
* Anti-wrinkle
* Medical Grade Waterproof Adhesive
* Bat silhouette
* Black


* Size: Dimensions: 3.7 inches x 2.8 inches
          Coverage Diameter: 2 inches