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Tina Women's Multi Lace Bracelet in Pink/Rose Gold



Elevate your rave bracelets and festival jewelry with the Tina Women’s Single Lace Bracelet by Rastaclat. This ash pink multi-strand rastaclat bracelet is a delicate bracelet featuring a multi-lace design of baby pink polyester and lycra shoelace cords with rose gold plated hardware. With the signature Rastaclat-etched logo emblems, this multi-textured rose gold Rastaclat bracelet brings a feminine element to casual women’s streetwear jewelry, while reminding all wearers to #SeekthePositive in every atmosphere.

* Tina Women's Multi Lace Bracelet
* Electroplated peach gold hardware
* Laser etched emblems
* 95% polyester, 5% lycra
* One size fits most wrists
* Pink/Rose Gold in color