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Techniviz Zora Women's Classic Bracelet



#SeekthePositive and rock the gram with some #clatography of the Techniviz Zora Women’s Classic Bracelet by Rastaclat. This fun festival bracelet features a light pink-colored braided shoelace design with white accent color and white hardware. Perfect for burning man, Coachella or EDC! Featuring the signature Rastaclat laser-etched logo emblems in a pink contrast color, this pink braided bracelet brings positivity and cool to any collection of rave bracelets, festival bracelets, and streetwear jewelry. Enjoy and wear the Rastaclat TECHNIVIZ collection at the next music festival!

* Techniviz Zora Women's Classic Bracelet
* Braided
* White lurex edge thread
* White & pink oil slick hardware
* Contrast emblems
* 80% polyester, 20% lurex
* One size fits most smaller wrists
* Pink/White in color